GTALUG Pre-Meeting Dinner Options

Some Operating Principles

  1. Needs to be open at compatible hours. Some downtown places close too early.
  2. Needs to allow a group to dribble in. If it requires formal seating, that's likely undesirable.
  3. Needs enough seating that 10 people can be readily accommodated.
  4. Some restaurants (Salad King, I'm looking at you!) are so noisy that people cannot readily talk over noise. (And then it escalates into trying to yell, and it's all downhill from there!)

Kabul Express

  • Address: 126 Dundas Street E. (a short block east of Church; 200m, 2 minute walk)
  • Chris visited 2017-08-08, plenty of seating, seems fairly suitable. We can readily add casually to our party.
  • as of 2018-04-10, this has been our regular default location

Kinton Ramen

  • Address: 396 Church St. (north of Gerrard St.) (300m, 4 minute walk)
  • Chain: nine restaurants in GTA!
  • Very busy at the relevant time, fairly loud, and not very condusive to growing a GTALUG “crowd” gradually

Burrito Boyz (Dundas East)

Kathy's Corner

Bocconcini Pizza and Wings

Blaze Pizza

  • Address 10 Dundas St. East (400m, 5 minute walk)
  • “Blaze Pizza is the Chipotle of pizza.”
  • Chris Browne visited; “Similar to North of Brooklyn but with more seating”; modestly positive
  • Often a bit too busy, and it's difficult to get a lot of seating

10 Dundas East Food Court

  • (Third floor, 400m, 5 minute walk)

Milo's Pita (Middle Eastern)

OPA! of Greece Dundas Street (Greek)

Curry & Co.

AliBaba (Yonge)

Buffet Palace Indian Cuisine

Roti Roll Caribbean Cuisine

Thai on Yonge

Basil Box

Big Moe's Burgers and Fries

Paramount Fine Foods - Middle Eastern

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Banh Mi Boys (Vietnamese and Asian Fusion)

Shops at Aura Food Court (384 Yonge Street)

  • Address: 384 Yonge Street (downstairs food court, 600m, 7 minute walk)
  • We can each choose a restaurant and eat at the common tables

Taste of the Orient

  • opened end of 2018 March.
  • Chinese of unknown qualities

Sushi & BBbop

Aura Sushi

King Place

Ramen Raijin

Good View Restaurant

Steak and Cheese

  • Address: 50 Gerrard St E
  • Visited: 2017-06-13
  • Low on seating, but able to accommodate our crowd

North of Brooklyn

  • Address: 469 Church St. (North of the meeting location close to the Wellesley station)
  • visited 2016 January 13
  • Not enough seating (table for four + counter against a wall)

The Senator

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Japanese)

Salad King

Kinka Izakaya Original

Gandhi Cuisine

  • Address: 554 Queen Street W (distant, 2.8km, 35 minute walk)

Sizzler Kabab

  • Address: 381 Spadina Avenue (distant, 2.0km, 25 minute walk)

Lou Dawg's (Barbeque and Sandwiches)

  • Address: 76 Gerrard St E
  • DCB observes: noisy
  • Stewart judges: not very good BBQ (but his baseline is Kansas City joints)
  • visited: 2013 December 10
  • closed 2019 Jan 18
  • formerly: too noisy

Kaiju (Japanese Curry)

The Restaurant Formerly Known As Love at First Bite

z-teca Mexican

  • Address: 66 Gerrard St. E
  • Burritos, tacos etc.
  • visited in pre-historic times

Korean Grill House (Korean)

  • Address: 369 Yonge St
  • All You Can Eat – probably not suitable for a pre-meeting meal

Dac Biet Burger

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